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you have an idea?
let’s bring it to life!

Sometimes it’s hard to get started. We help you create a strong identity and develop a market-ready strategy! Start-up or Enterprise.

got a new story to tell?
get the word out.

After we’ve listened to your brief and asked our questions we formulate a communication strategy that fits YOUR story and audience.

complex product to launch?
simple – with VR/AR.

We love challenges – the more complex the better. Our approach to think from your customers perspective helps to translate.

Flame marketing agency Munich team part 1
Flame marketing agency Munich team part 2

stuck with internal comms?
get the party started.

Finding the right message after a merger or acquisition is not always easy– especially with international teams. Let us help you.

confused with digital marketing?
we decode the mystery.

Don’t worry if you need support in a field you don’t know. We will give you all relevant explanations needed in a way that you will understand.

the flame blog.

We love to share our thoughts on what’s going on in our world. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the read.


We selected a few projects from our portfolio for you to get a better insights into our work. Please send a quick message if you’re interested in further references.


Biscuit GmbH

Our next-door IT-support and consulting team.


Our favorite graphic designer.

Thrive International

A social accelerator we support with pro-bono work.


We work better together. Meet our partners and check out our current co-operations and projects.


We like to pass on our knowledge and expertise – that’s why we offer customized workshops and seminars on the following topics. Just drop a quick line for more information.


We love that WordPress enables our customers to maintan their own site. Our individual workshops usually go hand in hand with the handover of a website (after we’re done from our side).

social media.

When it comes to Social Media (Marketing) every client needs an individual approach and strategy. That’s why we offer customer-oriented workshops next to our general workshops and seminars.


What’s “marketing” anyway? How do I find the right strategy? In our interactive workshop we tackle these issues and find a fitting solution for you and your business.


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