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Project Description


the brief.

EL-NET Consulting AG, an HR consultancy, came to us with the plan for a reorganization of their businesses. The task was to create a new brand for the group and segmentation for the businesses as well as create a related website.

the solution.

To fit the new organizational approach we developed a strong corporate identity (together with Boris Dahm / visuu). The website showcases both: the EL-NET GROUP as an overarching organizational unit as well as its for thematically focused GmbHs. To introduce the new „EL-NET“ we created a launch page featuring videocasts for the internal team.

at a glance.

  • CI Development
  • Consulting
  • Website (incl. separate internal launch site)
  • WordPress Workshop
  • We had a very tough timing for our rebranding-project. flame helped us with a straight project management and absolute professionalism.