Project Description


the brief.

Ralf’s Fine Garments was not even existing when we first met Ralf. The idea was to create an exclusive fashion store for men in the city of Munich called “Ralf’s Fine Garments” with hand-picked products from all over the world.

the solution.

Together with Boris Dahm / visuu we created a strong identity for the brand and store including the logo, colour scheme, typography, photography, stationery… For the website and social media channels we came up with the idea of co-operating with similar outstanding local stores from the neighborhood to build up a network and cross-selling potential.

Flame Agency work portfolio Ralf's Fine Garments Website

at a glance.

  • CI Development
  • Consulting
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • flame understood very well how to sensitively translate my ideas for „Ralf’s Fine Garments“ into design, off- and online communications.