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AR / VR / XR   •   27. Oktober 2017

2017 saw a mature development of virtual reality (VR). Over past months, consumer VR technologies evolved at unforeseeable speed and scale, delivering unique and truly immersive experiences. Today major international analysts expect that the global VR market will be worth approx. 25 billion USD by 2020 (2016: 1.8 billion USD). The number of users is expected to grow over 150 million people (source: Statista) in 2018. VR content segment will have an increase from 2.3 million USD in 2017 to 14.0 million USD in 2020 (source: Statista).

Of course VR already existed in the past – born sometimes in the 1980s and especially driven by the gaming industry. During last years, it were different global trends and developments that influenced the positive step forward for VR. Predominantly the advances in digital technologies have lifted audience expectations: experience is nowadays a crucial success factor for any new technology.

Let’s have a look at a few influencer factors in detail:

New generation communication behavior

Especially the so called “digital natives” are used to digital communications. VR technologies like Google Cardboard, the Oculus Rift and Samsung gear have found their way in the lives of Generation Z, with 41% having tried VR, and 12% that make use of it on a daily basis (Q4 2016 study of 300 Gen Z’ers by Sabre Labs “Emerging Tech in Travel 2017”).

Storytelling / User Experience

User experience and customer-centric are two major elements that changed IT and digital communication projects dramatically. In comparison to earlier days, when UX was seen as a nice gimmick (if considered at all), today the value of customer (experience and excitement) is a major trigger. What started from web and app development is now even more essential in VR and AR and therefore an important factor.

Pricing for devices

The prices for all VR related devices are constantly dropping. Starting from 360° cameras as well as head mounted displays, PCs and software. This overall development is relevant for VR changing from a few to many who can afford the technology and products – taking the step from a first mover towards an early adopter market.

360° Video

The so called “immersive video” technology is – according to relevant analysts – the future of video and video marketing. The technology quickly became mainstream through Facebook, YouTube, Mobile Devices and VR-Cardboards. Furthermore the raise of video quality (8K video) as well as decreasing prices for 360° video cameras will further boost this development. As part of mixed reality suite 360° video will be one of the major drivers for VR mass consumption.

Think Interaction!

Rather than adopting design elements of 2D applications, it will be important to put the user experience to the upfront when working on a VR storyboard. Diegetic interactions and immersive elements are absolutely crucial to achieve the experience of choice.

In comparison to non-diegetic (e.g. hotbars), meta (e.g. explanatory overlays) or spatial (3D elements as orientation) interactions diegetic interactions are seamlessly embedded into the fiction or experience (e.g. opening a door). This allows a change to interact with data, communicate remotely or learn new skills. Especially with new accessories and interaction possibilities entering the markets VR users will have an increasing “real” experience.

How can we help?

flame has a long experience in strategic consulting of international SMEs with a focus on business development, sales, marketing and communications. These experiences combined with our permanent curiosity for digital innovation, organizational development and communication trends allows us to help customers understand, develop and use VR experiences in an effective way. Linked to a worldwide network of developers, researchers, innovators and creatives we will find the best solution for your individual VR project. And by the way, if you never had the chance to try VR before you can easily make your first HTC Vive experience with us in our Munich office. We are looking forward to your interest.