flame 2017 – our year in review

As we start into a new year we always have this „little ritual“ to reflect on the old year. We grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), sit together and have a little chat about all the stuff that happened in the past year. And let’s just say – the majority of the time we’re surprised on how much actually did happen. So, this year, we thought it might be nice to share our little review of 2017 with you. Here’s what the flame team was up to in 2017!

we listened to…

…Depeche Mode and Northern Lite – only 2 concerts last year but absolutely amazing shows (Petra)

…COPIA, Gorillaz and Marteria (Theresia)

…my favourite Indie Spotify playlist (need to update that for 2018 though ;)) (Sonja)

we read…

…Lots of different books, best ones „Der Schwimmer“ and „Der Bruder“ from Joakim Zander (Theresia)

…had the resolution to start reading more again (I was a real bookworm as a child) – so I went wild in the book store (still prefer a „real“ book over the e-version). My favourite: „Über den Anstand in schwierigen Zeiten und die Frage, wie wir miteinander umgehen“ from Axel Hacke (which I passed onto Petra as well) (Sonja)

…Whatever available from/in VR development and business, human digitalism – but most liked „Über den Anstand in schwierigen Zeiten“ from Axel Hacke who wrote the right book for these times (Petra)

we laughed…

…Many good laughs with all in the office and with friends (Theresia)

…about all and nothing. As long as you’re with the right people you can laugh about everything! (Sonja)

…Certainly a lot about our office dog Bruno…(Petra)

we watched…

…too much Netflix (recommendation for the „The Crown“), some great movies at the outdoor cinema next door (kino mond und sterne) as well as the sea (could look at it for hours) (Sonja)

…One of the most outstanding moments was watching the aurora in Norway. Will never forget this very mystic light. (Petra)

…23 times in the cinema, most impressive ones „Moonlight“ and „Fences“. And watching the sunset in Kerikeri, New Zealand in January. (Theresia)

our office highlight…

…Getting our first tailormade Gaming PC and the very first moment using our own VR device. But honestly it’s a highlight every day coming into a surrounding that’s fun and filled with inspiration from all sides. (Petra)

…I have a phrase with Petra: „The next year will be a quiet year!“ But this never happened since 2006 and it’s always good that way! (Theresia)

…having office dogs! Along with the Biscuit team Emil and Bruno moved in in April. It’s really nice to have a cuddle break every once in a while. (Sonja)

we caught a spark for…

…Curfboarding thanks to Stephan Augustin who developed this phantastic device – and surfing due to our real fun event for Christmas (Petra)

…Stand-up-paddling and finding my new favorite lake for summer while riding around Munich (Theresia)

…travelling. I had a great experience travelling through Thailand as well as a lot of fun at weekend get-aways. (Sonja)

we look forward to…

…The summer (Petra)

…new experiences (Theresia)

…nothing in particular. The best things happen when you least expect them to. (Sonja)

With that being said – bring it on 2018!